On my road.

It is first a feeling, a discovery ....

I go through lives, landscapes, looks.

On the side, there is another time, men, women parade under my eyes, they walk they rest they work. So many lives in front of me, my eyes are caught by the attitudes, the colors the beauty of the landscapes but my car goes much too fast ... So I decide to record everything from my window and in the evening I play the film. Decelerating I discovered all these people that I had not had time to see incredible scenes of life. God is in the details. I would like with this installation to make you feel and discover the men and women I met for a few seconds, but for me represents an Africa that we do not see enough. The roads of Kenya and on the sides the people walking and its different rhythms, symbolic of two different times ...

Judith Darmont - December 2019. © All rights reserved .

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