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An interdisciplinary and multi-sensory digital artist.

She experiments with the wider use of digital technologies and New-media to create digital paintings, installations, Videoart, sculptures, multiplying the space of creation in a Where technologies evolve exponentially.

At the same time, brands and luxery houses commission digital creations, artistic films and installations.


Conscious of the confluence between time and space, between fields Physical and virtual, her work is part of a creative journey Of hybridization where she invites and integrates other artistic dimensions, Urban territories and the public. In his recent work,
BABEL, URBAN SPIRITS, My Eternal Portrait, they become, in turn, Executives and protagonists, spectators and actors. URBAN SPIRITS and BABEL are his latest creations of Art in the City. The public and the city are directly confronted with art and the artist. The projections, installations and applications offer a superior form of urban poetry. In the twenty-first century, by addressing related to the place of the artist and the art in the urban space, Judith Darmont develops a field of exchanges, cultural practices innovative and for all. Breathing in the city ....


She just received the Women prize in Gold Art 2016.

Nominated at Napoleons 2017 "Most innovative woman".

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